About Your Appointment

Your Visit

QARC is located at: Greenslopes Private Hospital, Nicholson Street Specialist Centre, Suite 301, Level 9, 83 Nicholson Street, Greenslopes, QLD.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment.

On arrival, you will be greeted by one of our receptionists.

You will then be asked to complete a patient registration form if you have not already done so. To save time, please complete this online beforehand if possible by clicking here.

Your doctor will then take you through into their rooms for your appointment.


  • Patient registration form complete
  • Referral letter if you were given one
  • Any other information you may have on your previous surgeries, anaesthetics or reactions
  • Any recent investigations
  • Details about other doctors involved in your care
  • A family member or friend can attend as support if you wish

Release of Information

Before we can begin a thorough investigation of a perioperative allergic reaction, we need to obtain all relevant notes and charts.

Some may have been included by the referring doctor, but for others we may need you to sign a consent for release of medical records.

In the case of a severe anaphylaxis, it is particularly important to obtain anaesthetic records from previous surgeries, as these may hold important clues.

If we have requested that you complete a release of information form for a hospital, it is essential that it reaches us in time to obtain records prior to your appointment. Please return them promptly if requested.


There is no formal requirement to fast before skin testing. You will normally be required to lie on your tummy for up to an hour without moving though, so plan your food and drink intake accordingly.


Bring a full medication list to your appointment, even if you have already completed our patient registration form. If you are seeing us for allergy testing, some medications may need to be paused or withheld prior to your appointment because they may interfere with test results. Antihistamines are the most important. Please cease any antihistamines at least 7 days prior to testing. If this is going to be difficult for you, please contact QARC for advice.


Skin testing is done on the skin on the back. If you are attending for skin testing, the entire upper back will need to be exposed, so choose your upper garment accordingly. You will either need a garment that can be opened at the back, or you will need to remove your upper garment for the testing.


Please find a summary of public transport and courtesy bus options here:


Please find a summary of parking options and fees here:


Initial consultation (~30 minutes): $470 (Medicare rebate may be claimable).

Intradermal skin testing (~90 minutes) $790-$1050*, (Medicare rebate may be claimable).

Antibiotic de-labelling (~70 minutes): $300-$350 (Medicare rebate may be claimable)

* cost of testing panel may vary depending on drugs that need to be obtained

**after-hours (evening or weekend) appointments can occasionally be arranged if testing is urgent for surgical reasons. Additional costs will apply.

After Your Appointment

After your appointment you may need to wait for a period of observation. On other occasions you can go directly home, and no special measures are required.

Each injection site will have left a tiny lump where fluid was injected under your skin. These will fade over 24 hours and no permanent mark will be left.

Receiving Results

After your testing, your doctor will produce results documentation and speak directly to the specialists involved in your care.

You will receive copies of all the same results as all the specialists involved with your care. Your own copy will be sent to you by email where provided. If you have not received this within 2 weeks of your appointment (unless advised of an unavoidable delay), please check junk/spam first and then contact us.