Other Adverse Reactions to Anaesthesia

There are many non-allergic adverse reactions that can occur around anaesthesia and surgery. Many are harmless, but are often poorly explained to patients. These can cause worry and reluctance to undergo future surgery.

The team at QARC can also help in diagnosing all other adverse reactions that occur around surgery and anaesthesia, and can help to formulate plans to reduce the chance of the event recurring.

These types of events can include pain, nausea, stiffness or paralysis, shortness of breath, rash or itch, seizures or abnormal movements, nerve injury, kidney or liver injuries, and many, many others.

Additionally, some rare non-allergic reactions to anaesthesia can be very serious, or potentially life-threatening. Some may be passed down through families.

The doctors at QARC have experience in diagnosing, investigating, and planning to prevent these reactions in future.