What is Allergy

The term “allergy” is often used incorrectly. The correct medical meaning is that your body’s immune system, which is supposed to protect your body against invaders, mistakenly attacks a substance that should normally be no threat.

The substances that cause allergy can be foods, pollens, mould, insect venoms and many other things, including medications, which are our focus at QARC.

Allergy symptoms can include skin reactions, asthma-like reactions, watery eyes and runny nose. In more severe cases there can be major symptoms in multiple body systems that can be life-threatening. The response in allergy occurs quickly after exposure to the allergen, usually within minutes.

If the allergen is a medication injected into your bloodstream, the reaction can be almost instantaneous. Allergy is part of a bigger set of conditions called “hypersensitivity” which includes both allergy and autoimmunity, where the immune system inappropriately reacts against some part of your own body.