Why Do We Skin Test

The purpose of allergy testing is to help identify potential trigger for an allergic process. We use a combination of “in vitro” (in the laboratory) and “in vivo” (on the body) tests to do this. Skin testing is the “in vivo” component. By identifying the allergen, the patient can avoid it in future.

Skin testing is used by many different kinds of doctors to investigate all different types of allergy. It can be used to diagnose allergies to foods, pollens, insect venoms and many other allergens, including medicines.

It is a very old and well-established technique used all over the world. It is a very safe test with few risks when performed by experienced doctors. It is a reliable test with only a small margin of error. 

Skin testing is an important component for investigation of peri-operative anaphylaxis. It is recommended in all cases where anaphylaxis is suspected. If you had an allergic reaction under anaesthesia, then surgery should not take place until suspected reactions have been thoroughly investigated.