Investigation of Perioperative Anaphylaxis

Referral to QARC

A referral to QARC can be made by any doctor. If you have been given a referral,  please contact QARC to make an appointment.

If QARC has received a referral from an anaesthetist or surgeon we may contact you directly. If in any doubt, please call QARC to discuss the referral process.

QARC Reception

The Referral Process

Referral to Queensland Anaesthetic Reaction Clinic usually comes from the anaesthetist involved in managing the reaction, but any doctor or dentist is able to refer.

Often an anaesthetist will make contact with us directly after an anaphylaxis has occurred and in some cases they will commence the referral process on your behalf immediately.

A patient may call QARC directly to make an appointment if they have been given a referral letter by a doctor. In other cases, QARC may contact a patient if a referral has been sent directly to us.

Whenever we receive a referral, it will be rapidly assessed, and the patient contacted directly by our staff as soon as possible to explain the pathway investigation of the reaction. The staff at QARC will help patients with arranging an appointment, explain our fee structure, and answer any questions they may have.

We understand that patients may be recovering from a stressful event, and that they may have had surgery abandoned due to their reaction. We understand that they may be anxious and worried at the time we speak to them. We treat patients with understanding and patience.