Investigation of Perioperative Anaphylaxis

Results Interpretation and Anaesthesia Planning

Most often, results can be reported to you at the time of testing, and results are then sent by mail or email to your referring doctor.

The advice that QARC formulates after your testing is used by anaesthetists and surgeons to ensure that you do not suffer a repeat reaction.

At the heart of the QARC investigative process is the formulation of advice for future anaesthesia. This advice requires the combination of a trained anaesthetist with expertise in the methods of anaesthesia, and the experience of a specialist in anaesthetic allergy and skin testing.

After your testing, your doctor will speak directly to the specialists involved in your care. The advice will address components of the anaesthetic and surgery, medication adjustments and pre-operative medications prior to surgery, and the best locations for both surgery and post-operative care.

You will receive copies of all the same results as all the specialists involved with your care.

In rare cases, skin testing results may be borderline or unclear. In these situations, the advice we formulate will be the safest and most conservative advice possible to minimise the chances of a repeat reaction when you next undergo anaesthesia.

Interpretation of skin testing results requires skill and experience. Our doctors have had years of experience working in the specific field of perioperative anaphylaxis management and investigation and are considered specialised experts in the field.