Perioperative Allergy Testing In Brisbane

Dr Van Nieuwenhuysen
Dr Van Nieuwenhuysen

Dr Christian Van Nieuwenhuysen is an Anaesthetist with additional experience in the investigation of peri-operative drug allergies, including anaphylaxis in response to anaesthetic agents.

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Perioperative drug reactions are those that occur in and around the period of having surgery and going under anaesthetic.

Anaphylaxis is the most dangerous form of adverse drug reaction – a life-threatening emergency that requires rapid recognition of symptoms and advanced medical management. After a suspected anaphylactic reaction, only allergy testing can reliably determine the cause.

Queensland Anaesthetic Reaction Clinic offers perioperative Allergy Testing in Brisbane and can receive referrals from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

What Are The Benefits Of Perioperative Allergy Testing?

During a general anaesthetic, it is likely that you will have been given as many as 10-15 different drugs, often with multiple doses. It can be difficult to know which of these drugs caused an anaphylactic reaction, as the reaction onset can be delayed by several minutes from the delivery of the drug. 

Not all anaesthetic drugs can be easily substituted. Some are virtually essential for modern anaesthesia. Additionally, if a person is allergic to a drug used in a general anaesthetic, then then the person may have “cross-allergy” to related drugs. It may not be possible to switch one suspected drug to a related drug without the risk of a similar anaphylactic reaction occurring.

What all this means is that there may be no safe way to return to surgery until the drug trigger for the anaphylactic reaction has been established. The most certain way to prove which drug caused the reaction is through the process of allergy testing, sometimes called “skin testing”.

Queensland Anaesthetic Reaction Clinic can perform anaesthetic Allergy Testing in Brisbane, from our clinic located at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Skin testing involves the injection of very diluted amounts of different drugs into the skin on the back and looking for a reaction to form around the injection site if the body has an allergy to the drug. Minimal drug enters the bloodstream, so the risk of a repeat reaction is very low.

Skin testing is the mandatory test for investigating perioperative anaphylaxis.It is recommended in all cases where anaphylaxis is suspected. Surgery should not take place until suspected reactions have been thoroughly investigated.

Obtain a referral from your GP or anaesthetist in order to arrange anaesthetic Allergy Testing in Brisbane through our clinic at Greenslopes Private Hospital.